Sunday, September 16, 2007

Is Zamtel headed down this path?

The Gambian government has sold off its shares in Gamtel the national Telecom service provider in Gambia. Its services have deteriorated and remained stagnant despite a boom in population and business..

"The Government of The Gambia has decided to find a strategic partner for Gamtel/Gamcel so as to inject the necessary capital to increase coverage and improve quality of service. Gamtel over the years has deteriorated greatly in terms of service provision, service quality and accessibility. It experienced stagnation in network expansion at a time when population increase, boom in business and transforming the economy into a technology driven one requires robustness, dynamism and strong competitiveness for any operator in the business of telecommunication". FOROYAA Newspaper (Serrekunda)

Uuh! It’s not just the names of the country and company involved that sound similar to Zambia and Zamtel – that performance report sounds uncomfortably familiar - Mwankole please check up on our beloved Zamtel!

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