Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Dark side of Mwanawasa?

The following comment, is on BBC talking point have your say discussing “Are poor deals crippling your country

Added: Wednesday, 13 February, 2008, 12:26 GMT 12:26 UK

African leaders could avoid catastrophic deals if only they could deter themselves from getting involved in business deals for the sake of tips. Like in Zambia we have witnessed a situation where the president got involved with a bank run by a close business associate to procure oil without following tender procedures. Insurance contracts for all the government ministries have been given to the same guy. Almost all the government ministries have shifted their accounts to the same chap's bank. Hon George Mpombo, Masaiti source BBC

Is this a case of a Minister trying to out the corruption in the current presidency or might this be George Mpombo’s double?

Former President FJT has made similar claims in the recent past and I know Mr. Rajan Mahtani Finance Bank founder, has given unprecedented monetary support to MMD which may have influenced a decision to move GRZ accounts to the bank.

It’s been said that a lie will travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on her shoes, I truly hope there is no lies being peddled in that comment.

The Irony of Mwanawasa the corruption terminator being overtly involved in the worst form, is too grave to stomach. Albeit in a world of stranger ironies, we have seen the likes of Evangelical leader Rev. Ted Haggard and former republican congressman Mark Foley in the US, breathe fire and brimstone in the light of day against gays only to embrace the lifestyle in the dark.

But what fate would Mwanawasa expect to face, after parading the king maker FJT’s underwear and shoes before courts and cameras in his brazen attempt, to convict FTJ of the same crime?

Mwanawasa is already rigged with poor health, but this would not earn him any sympathies against the wrath his culpability might, rouse. The fate of Saddam and Hitler may have met a few tears among the core of their diehard fans, but this Mwanawasa was unpopular when he, became President. He has had to assuage people’s dislike and lack of faith in a man, most thought was at least half brain dead, how could he now, betray their reluctant faith in his fight against corruption.

I would say, if the claims in the comment are indeed those of one George Mpombo, the same man that recently knelt before Mwanawasa;he has no diehard fans but more sad still, the people of Zambia have no friend, no help nor leader in government.