Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Post-election Zimbabwe and it's impact on the Region.

With official Presidential results from last Saturday's elections still unclear, Zimbaweans are looking at a very long walk to recovery from the political, economic and social upheaval of the Mugabe years.
That Zanu-PF still maintains a considerable number of seats in Parliament will make it particularly hard to reach consensus on future economic and political reforms needed to put Zimbabwe on a new path.

The US and the World financial institutions are currently pre-occupied with averting a US and global economy recesion, whatever the form and nature of the new Zimbabwe government, it will certainly find it hard to raise funding for economic and social recovery.

As Afghanistan's post taliban government has learnt there is a vast and increasing gap between pledged and actual funding received .

Zimbabwe's parliament results show no clean break from the past because Zanu-PF maintains more than a third of parliamentary seats, this though a result of a democratic process, may actually prove the people's worst enemy. The degree of Zimbabwe's current economic and political troubles require a government with a sound and convincing mandate, to adress. Whatever ambitious economic or political reform programs MDC has will require the cooperation of the Zanu-PF members of parliament to pass; a real challenge given the level of animosity between them.

This also gives Mugabe, though he lost the Presidential vote, leverage to negotiate an exit on his terms; as in the Kenya situation, Zimbabweans may be looking at a bitter complex of a government of the new and the old.

Because of this long walk to recovery, countries in the region, especially South Africa may still have to put up Zimbabweans crawling through their border fences for a breath of fresh air and a chance at real money.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Zimbabwe Independent results center show MDC lead.




Morgan Tsvangirai



Robert Mugabe



Simba Makoni

148, 887









Constituencies reported 192 (91%) - Zimbabwe Independent Results centre.

The last throes of the rigger!

Nothing could be more telling of the degree of greedy and tyrany that has consumed Robert Mugabe as his desperate attempts to delay and rig Presidential results through his diehard cronies at ZEC, in the face of defeat.

This disgraced and senile tyrant who has stretched the tolerance of the people of Zimbabwe to breaking point, has neither the presence of mind nor the sense to discern the end of his hold on events, now unfolding in Zimbabwe.

He can have himself another day or a few more hours of sleep in the cocoon he has conjured up but the reality is the heads of security agencies will have to salute and yield to the will of the people of Zimbabwe.

"How they are rigging the election at this very moment
Mugabe's spies are using a simple but effective technique to rob Tsvangirai of victory - and not be caught doing it
Harare, Zimbabwe, Tuesday, April 1, 5.0 pm
Sources within the fearsome Central Intelligence Agency (CIO) have told me this afternoon that the Zimbabwe security chiefs, who nearly came to blows yesterday, have reached a compromise - and instructed the CIO to finally fix this election in Mugabe's favour.
The CIO's task is to falsify the voting figures in a way that appears to give logical and expected results, and thus becomes unchallengeable. With the eyes of the world on this election, the power men know that any fraud has to be virtually undetectable.
The technique was explained to me by my source, who told me it is being put into effect at this moment. This is how it works.

In the case of the race for the position of President, votes are being stolen from Tsvangirai. The votes have to be credited to another candidate, to keep voting numbers correct. But they are not being given to Mugabe. They go instead to Simba Makoni.
Why? Because there are some areas - Bulawayo is a good example - where Zanu-PF parliamentary candidates have made such a poor showing that any extra votes recorded there for Mugabe, the party leader, would seem illogical, and rightly condemned as evidence of rigging.
But by diminishing Tsvangirai's vote total and giving the difference to Makoni, Mugabe gains overall, and no-one will query the higher total for Makoni, who in any case was expected to do better than he has.
If this technique is applied across the nation, it will certainly be sufficiently effective to either give Mugabe an overall victory, or at least ensure a runoff.
Virtually the same technique is being applied to fix the parliamentary elections. Only in this case votes are taken from the candidates of the Tsvangirai faction of the MDC, and added to the totals of candidates from the smaller faction led by Arthur Mutambara.
Once again it is Zanu-PF that benefits by cutting down the votes for the Tsvangirai candidates, and giving the seats to the Mutambara faction.
The plan can be seen working already in the so-called official results. The Mutambara faction failed dismally in early returns, but has recently mysteriously gained ground against the Tsvangirai faction, and now commands, for instance, five seats in Matabeleland.
That's the joint plan to fix these elections, put as simply as I can. Those who wonder why the results are being held back and released so slowly need wonder no more."
(Zimbabwe Today.)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

The end of disgrace and tyrany in Zimbabwe?

Morgan Tsvangirai, garnered 67 percent of the 30 percent of votes so far counted, Secretary General Tendai Biti said in an interview today from Harare, Zimbabwe's capital. The MDC leads in Mashonaland Central province and won a majority in the province of Masvingo, both strongholds of Mugabe's Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front party, he said.

``This is just an example of what we're getting from every province,'' Biti said. ``Barring a miracle, Mugabe can't win.'' Bloomberg

Robert Mugabe may have played a vital role in the liberation of Zimbabwe, but what people will remmember about him, is the ruin he has brought to a people and a nation that was like a city on a hill. Zimbabwe was the bread basket of southern Africa, it's schools, hospitals even roads were the evy of the region, now Zimbabweans are crawling through razor wire to escape the mess Mugabe has unleashed.
Those that claim that forcebly grabbing land from white farmers was a patriotic and noble thing, need to realise Mugabe only played this self destructive move to foster his grip on power and to prolong his overdue stay in power. His poor choices and policies over the years had already put Zimbabwe on the path to this ruin, the land issue was meant to divert people's attention.

He is indeed a disgrace to the memory of the many that fought and died for the emancipation of Zimbabwe. That fight was to ensure a better destiny for Zimbabweans not 100,000% inflation, not empty shelves, not unemployment, not police brutality and certainly not economic exile!

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice on Sunday branded Zimbabwe's president a "disgrace" to his people and to Africa, and expressed concerns about verifying whether the country held free and fair elections.
Rice, in the Mideast for peace talks, made the harsh comments after voting Saturday in Zimbabwe that presented Robert Mugabe with the toughest challenge to his 28-year rule. The main opposition party on Sunday claimed an early lead; preliminary results were expected by Monday
. AP