Monday, October 8, 2007

Ghost Working

Motorists abandon work as fuel shortage worsens
By Times Reporter
THE acute fuel shortage that has hit the Copperbelt and various parts of the country yesterday worsened forcing some Ndola motorists to abandon their work spending long hours on queues in a bid to buy the commodity
. Times of Zambia.

This article, just reminded Kashikulu how flexible and accomodating the work culture in Zambia is - I remembered how my former workmates and I would report for work late, only to hang a jacket on our chairs then disappear into towncenter and show up 10 minutes before 17 oo hrs - just in time to knock off. We still collected the jusifiably meagre monthly salary and complained the most when the salary was delayed.
Those days of an easy laid back work culture are for Kashikulu now a far cry, the American work culture is such that how one gets to work whether it rains, snows or very hot is a very small matter the details of which your employer is not remotely interested in.
So it struck me how funny now that headline sounds for Kashikulu, yet for my former workermates it is still a very very good reason for missing 8 maybe 16 hrs of work.

And look what Kashikulu has to deal with now, before making it to work on time and working a full eight hour work day.