Monday, September 17, 2007

Build our rebuilt national team a worthy home!

It has been months since ....

The game's governing body Fifa has declared the Independence Stadium unfit to host the World Cup qualifying games.
Football Association of Zambia (Faz) president Teddy Mulonga has accepted the situation and is hoping that government will address the problem.
"We are facing prospects of playing home matches away from home if the Independence Stadium in not ready by February," Mulonga said on national television

And if , there was any doubt remaining, Chris Katongo has finally sealed the last hole in bucket of hope, that our national team could ever retain its lost glory and strength. Now, we need to build a national stadium that is a worthy home for our national team. If Zambia is to ever host the 2011 Africa games, the government needs to quickly source the necessary financial resource to build the new stadium.
Do you think the current government can build the national team a worthy home?

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