Saturday, July 5, 2008

Mwanawasa 'is not dead'

A Zambian minister has accused South African media of "malice" after they issued reports - later retracted - that Zambia's president had died.
Information Minister Mike Mulongoti said the reports had caused "panic and damage" for Zambians.
President Levy Mwanawasa, 59, is in intensive care at a hospital in Paris after suffering a stroke at an African Union summit in Egypt last weekend.
Vice-President Rupiah Banda said Mr Mwanawasa's condition was stable.......

South Africa's leader has retracted comments in which he said that Zambian President Levy Mwanawasa, 59, had died.
President Thabo Mbeki asked for a minute's silence on Thursday but his office later said reports of Mr Mwanawasa's death were "not true".
Zambia's Vice-President Rupiah Banda said Mr Mwanawasa had had a "satisfactory night" in Paris.
He was flown there from Egypt, where he had suffered a stroke on Sunday ahead of an African Union summit.
South African radio earlier quoted a spokesman who said he was from Zambia's High Commission as saying Mr Mwanawasa had died. ( BBC)


Anonymous said...

Iwe Mwankole tell us what is happening. How can you start start something and then keep quite

Kashikulu said...

What we have a sad collision of a untested and/or tired leadership with a major unprecedented circumstance/event .
A reliable source has informed me that Mwanawasa is infact on life support in a coma.
The sad thing is in Zambian terms a person who is brain dead and on life support is still considered as in " Stable condition".

We have an Israeli Ariel Sharon situation but in our case no one in our current leadership has the nerve to surmon courage and declare the sad reality.

Sata is now threatening to travel to Paris to verify the Govt version of staus quo.

Whatever the outcome the truth is Mwanawasa may never recover full brain function after what has happened to him.

As much as I pray and wish for a recovery, I realise too that there are matters of state that call for pragmatism and a holistic approach in my view Rupiah Banda has neither.

So I pray for Mwanawasa and our nation still and hope for the best.

Anonymous said...

At least Kashikulu has shown more courage in this matter. I suggest Chimwankole or is it Kamwankole which ever the case may be, you need close this blog and try farming.