Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Zambian Government turns down US base – Missed opportunities Part 2

My favorite English teacher at Munali secondary school once admonished me to avoid using flowery and complex words in composition – I am still trying madam. In honor of her timeless advice - let me attempt to explain the opportunity, Zambians have missed, in terms perhaps, every Zambian will understand by using a simple hypothetical example;

If the management of Manchester united and Arsenal football clubs in the UK, decided to build a stadium in Lusaka Zambia, the size of old Trafford. When the stadium is complete, they then, fly half their combined English fans to Zambia, to watch the two teams play a game every day for the next twenty years.

Is there anyone in Zambia that would object and resist this?

Does anyone in Zambia, see National Airports Corporation hiring more traffic controllers to deal with the numbers of flights, that would land at Lusaka international airport?

Does anyone see the car hire and hotel businesses in Lusaka, make a kill and expanding their capacity to meet customer demand?

Does anyone see producers of food, bottled water, beer etc increasing their production and employing more Zambians?

You can replace the stadium and fans in this example; with a holy shrine and the heaven on earth crew, if you like ,the fundamentals will still remain the same, the turned down US base was an opportunity lost!

How I wish, one Kashikulu had said, wait a minute Zambians, lets analyze this idea- when the guy that talked about oil from grass came to Zambia in 1980’s. Biofuel is now, big business. Our friends in Brazil are no longer dependant on Middle East oil, while our Indeni fuel refinery is rusting for want of crude oil, that Zambia can no longer afford to buy.
See this video Virginia Farm Bureau - Biofuels in Virginia about farmers in Virginia, USA benefiting from bio fuel production-

Mwankole tells me, Bashikulu has weighed in, on the topic. I hope Bashikulu’s advice to Zambians this time will help, redeem the lost opportunities that have earned our once proud nation the titles of the World’s poorest and now because of Kabwe lead poisoning the most toxic.

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