Thursday, September 13, 2007

Witchcraft in Politics

Witchcraft is widely understood to encompass attempts to harm others, not only by magic but also by covert means of established efficacy such as poisons. Traditionally, witchcraft has been a common explanation for diseases of which the causes were unknown. Although traditional indigenous religions often include or accommodate belief in the efficacy of witchcraft, they generally approve of harmful witchcraft only for defensive or retaliatory purposes and purport to offer protection against it. US State Dept Report by the Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor.

There is a general belief that some of Africa’s long serving leaders, only manage to hold on to political power that long, on the sustenance of the magical powers of witchcraft. Examples of such leaders though few and rarely established include Zimbabwe’s Mugabe. The case of Zambia’s Katele Kalumba who hid in a rat size hole at his farm, while on the run from police is well documented in the press and police arrest records.

Katele Kalumba, former foreign minister, vanished for three months after his arrest was ordered on charges of plundering the nation's resources. Despite the best efforts of a large team of police and reported sightings from as far as Belgium, he was living undetected in a tent on his farm in north-western Zambia.
Police say witchcraft lay at the heart of his elusiveness and they displayed an assortment of "magical objects" found in his tent when they finally caught up with him.
UK Telegraph.

Katele Kalumba still faces, criminal charges of corruption and evading arrest. Do you believe President Mwanawasa’ patronage of Katele Kalumba and his continued active participation in politics may be rooted in witchcraft?

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Anonymous said...

It is sad that educated individuals believe everything they read without question, and that mob psychology cancondemnand crucify anindividual without bothering to get the facts. None has cared or bothered to find the truth of what really happened to Katele - npo journalist has asked him or his relatives what his side of the story is. They have relied on state police and government officials accounts whose agend has been to paint him as the country's most wanted criminal. Any intelligent person who has read the latest testimony of the Wilbain and Systems case (Stella Chibanda & others 2004) will learn the truth - He was targeted for political expediency. And I wonder what the media will do when he is claimed innocent of all charges - apologise? I doubt it. Politicians are not the only liars. Even the Police and Task Force Lawyers can lie.