Saturday, September 8, 2007

Weekend treat - Intambi! (Morality)

Mwankole brought these two interesting news items for Kashikulu, as a weekend treat.
How interesting to note that , while desperation threatens morals back home, to the point that a Zambian would accept a job to kill people abroad, in the US this week , evidence that perhaps morals at least in matters of dressing, are beginning to come back to the western world.

In a country where most people have no job, and those who do are rarely paid, you would expect a horde of applicants for an occasional position that requires only basic skills and pays US$3,500 a go, plus a nice house to live in and a Lexus to drive.
But the job's been vacant for 12 years. Finally the government has given up searching for an applicant at home, and has gone abroad to find someone. And its search has been successful.
From this week, Mr Jonas Chilembe, 34, of Zambia, is the official Zimbabwean State Executioner.
Mr. Chilembe will not find himself that busy. There are only seven condemned men on our death row at present, even though no-one has been executed here since 1995
. Source The First Post ( )

Kyla Ebbert, 23, was about to board a plane to Tucson from San Diego when a Southwest airlines customer representative approached her. He told her that she would have to change her outfit before boarding.
Ebbert, a Hooters waitress was wearing a mini-skirt and a tank-top covered up by a summer sweater.
She explained to the representative that she had no clothes to change into, that she was heading to Arizona for a doctors appointment. Still, they insisted that her outfit was inappropriate.
What was inappropriate, she asked. All of it, he replied.

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