Wednesday, September 26, 2007

There goes Mugabe!!!

Like watching a drunk man walk down a steep flight of stairs against all pleas of caution, from sober onlookers….

Zimbabwe's ruling party has pushed a bill through parliament giving local owner’s majority control of foreign-owned companies including mines and banks.

The ZANU-PF party led by Robert Mugabe, the president, pushed through the bill on Wednesday after members of the main opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) walked out in protest. ( Al Jazeera)

How can Mugabe, possibly think handing out companies and banks to his cronies will redress economic decline and put food in Zimbabwe’s hungry tummies.
If the farms he grabbed from white farmers have not produced any consumables since they were localized, what gives this senile man any hope, localizing companies will change anything.

Mugabe was in Zambia, teaching at Palabana training college in the 70’s; when Kenneth Kaunda’s Zambianisation experiment, was crumbling. There are many more lessons from history, how can there be no sane voice in the entirety of the ZANU-PF membership.

Am at loss for words, I can only empathize with the pain Zimbabwe’s children are being put through; the adults have their own conscience to grapple with.

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Zimboy said...

The blind old man lay gasping,
The spittle from his contagious, diseased breath splattered the eagerly attending vultures,
Each wheeze brought the inevitable moment closer,
The noxious fumes emitted from his body suffocated the rest,
Die now old man so we can breath.