Thursday, September 20, 2007

A region held to ransom?

That Mugabe a senile 83yr old man, now threatens to hold the welfare of the entire Southern African region to ransom, for his continued stay in power, can only happen with their compliance. I have been excruciatingly puzzled by the elasticity of the Zimbabwean people’s tolerance of this cruel tyrant.
How much economic, social and political ruin can one man wreck, before these people realize it is their duty and obligation to remove a leader or government that threatens people’s welfare in the manner Mugabe has?
More shocking is this buttress statement, from a man who just recently stated Zimbabwe was like the sinking titanic.

President Levy Mwanawasa says he will boycott the European Union-Africa summit in Portugal if Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe is not allowed to attend.
Mr. Mwanawasa who is also SADC Chairman said the purpose of the summit will be defeated if Mr. Mugabe is barred from attending the meeting scheduled for December in Lisbon.
He has suggested that leaders who have anything against Mr. Mugabe should utilize the summit to dialogue and iron out their differences

Mugabe even thinks he can stand in Zimbabwe’s 2008 Presidential elections – What will his campaign platform be 6 (six) digit inflation???
There is a point where dialogue yields to action, I think we passed that point a couple of summits ago!


Cho said...

Its a poor tactical move by LPM. Zambia has nothing to gain from defending Mugabe. We actually have all to lose.

I can't understand our leaders sometime mwe....

Kashikulu said...

Indeed, it hard to understand...
Perhaps psychology may have some really good answers. I have be-labored my brain trying to understand how political leaders especially, develop this fatal addition to power. How their minds get into, this political cocoon where they become averse to;

• Loss of their popularity among the electorate.
•The failure of their presidency or ideology.
• The damage their continued stay in power in causing to their people’s welfare.
• The threat to their own lives from a people so discontent and oppressed that sometimes violence is the only option left for redress.

Is the power of delusion so pervasive that Mugabe does not have the slightest hunch of the reality in Zimbabwe?

Pragmatist said...

It is very clear that you don't understand or see the intricacies of the West’s hands in conspiracies, their strategic agenda for destabilizing Zimbabwe and spill over effects on the whole region. This brings to the fore the much held worry that this Generation is no ripe for challenging leadership and international politics rife under the cover of Democracy.

Your view of such issues is not only dangerous, but very subjective, vulnerable to manipulation and source of betrayal of national existence.

The battle here is about control of natural resources and the futuristic view of active external Government operatives as economic hit men twisting arms and creating the prevalent crisis. All is out of their cognition of a clear and immediate danger of a world in reversion to a bipolar dominated political system.

China and Russia are consolidating as one frontier to break the dangerous unilateralist unipolar USA and its satellite EU countries. The stressed preoccupation of the USA in Global hegemonic commitments has only created space for the oil rich Russia to re-emerge from the shackles and forge a seemingly strong and explosively challenging force to the unilaterists. India is one such emerging giant whose final alliance is a big challenge to the USA. In fact the USA under suspicion has been trying to co-opt India with Nuclear energy technology for fear of India joining the China -Russia frontier. Pakistani is a forgone force whose shift awaits the end of the Musharaf era. In Latin America, Venezuela is standing up with a consolidating spirit of allies in the south against the anti unilateralists.

Now waking from a slumber, the west looks to Africa for resources sustainability only to find China consolidating with grips. The West Starts maneuvering and asserting its positions with an ambition of finding a state to take over like Liberia for regional set up of a destabilizing center.

Robert Mugabe may have done many wrongs, but the West’s hitmen are the worst evil of the two in evidence of history. They need an African stand to be collectively denied a foot holds in our backyard. They have no history of national building or stabilization particularly in Africa.

Dispute resolutions teach that rivalry is amicably resolved where protagonists and antagonists converge on an indaba table in search of a solution without pre-determinism for own precedence in outcome. This means nothing good could come out of media vilifications, perpetual altercations and such resentments. Let Brown meet Mugabe and go to the summit with a sense of respect and realization that they are both actors to the puzzle in search of the best for lasting peace.


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Kashikulu said...


Africa and Zimbabwe specifically, lost their feet the day Cecil Rhodes and his caravan rode into Matabeleland unchallenged. You are right western civilizations have been conspiring and plotting for centuries- just as the mightiest rule in the jungle; the US dominates the world and will continue for a foreseeable future. You have to be here, to fully understand the nature and strength of the beast.
I stand against the suffering Mugabe has caused for the people in Zimbabwe, through his own failure to cleverly conspire and plan for a better welfare for his people. Injustice and deprivation whether by the hand of westerners or an indigenous tyrant is an evil, all just men should abhor and not tolerate.