Sunday, September 23, 2007

Beautiful Zimbabwe - lost again?

I found this interesting video ( from Zimbabwe’s past, I think I was made by former settlers forced to leave Zimbabwe at independence.
How ironic that almost 30 years later Britain, the USA and Sweden find themselves at loggerheads with the regime in Zimbabwe. And the inhabitants of the beautiful land are again, forced to leave their country, as a result.
Particularly poignant, is the closing caption of the video.

Once a friendly, civilized nation. Built by brave men of good quality.
It was threatened by Britain, USA and small nations with stupid politicians, like Sweden who was in the front to create a black communist banana republic of Rhodesia.

Rhodesia was defended by brave men of good quality, but they lost.

A result of support from former super power , communist Soviet Union, communist China, communist North Korea, socialist Sweden and other nations with irresponsible politicians and governments of poor quality.

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